I have been accompanying people on their healing journey for many years. After initially accompanying people educationally and therapeutically with various body and talk therapy methods, I specialized in trauma therapy in 2016.

Meetings with spiritual teachers in the USA, among other places, and longer stays in India have supported me in deepening a tradition-free approach to meditation and stillness.
The qualities of presence and non-judgementalness are for me the basis for my therapeutic work and my life.

It is a deep joy for me to accompany people in their process of healing and self-acceptance.

  • Born 1974 in Stuttgart
  • Diploma in social pedagogy
  • Practice for healing work since 2009
  • Specialized Trainings
    • NARM according to Laurence Heller for developmental trauma (Uta Academy Cologne, graduation Mai 2022)
    • Somatic Experiencing according to Dr. Peter Levine for accident and shock trauma (Uta Academy Cologne, 2016)
    • Integral Somatic Psychotherapy (ISP) according to Dr. Dr. Raja Selvam (Uta Academy Cologne, 2014)
    • Systemic Solution-Oriented Therapy (North German Institute for Short-Term Therapy Bremen, 2002)
    • Accompanying bodywork Body Harmony with Don McFarland (2008)
    • Further training in hypnosis (according to Milton Erickson)
  • Many years of professional experience with women (women-specific issues), children, adolescents, families and people with disabilities
  • Mindfulness training and meditation practice for over 25 years
  • Seminars and retreats with spiritual teachers (Renate Busam, Eckhart Tolle, Toni Packer, Karl Renz, Ramesh Balsekar and others)
  • Regular supervision