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“Anyone who enters the field of silence will activate this dimension in the other person – and then the healing process happens.”
~Eckhart Tolle

Integral Somatic Psychology (ISP) was developed by Raja Selvam, PhD, PhD, for the resolution of trauma.

ISP integrates elements from Western and Eastern psychology, neurological and physiological insights, and body therapy and energy work.
The focus is the processing of difficult feelings. If necessary, touch is offered to support the psychotherapeutic work. Through this, positive changes on the mental, behavioral, relationship, stress, trauma as well as spiritual level can be achieved.

From Raja Selvam’s point of view, psychosomatic symptoms develop because we cannot bear our reactions to difficult experiences. ISP can help to perceive emotions on the body level and to give space to the difficult emotions in the body in order to tolerate them better. Old physical protection mechanisms and defense mechanisms can become obsolete and the ability to regulate the physical and energetic body itself can be learned. This can lead to more balance in life on all levels.

The essence of ISP is the ’embodiment’ of feelings, i.e. being able to hold feelings in the body like in a large vessel. As a result, the meaning of physical symptoms can become apparent and healthy directions of action can become clearer. In addition, ISP can support the ability to cope with difficult experiences in the future without developing symptoms.

A notice:
The treatment methods mentioned here have not been scientifically proven and are not recognized by conventional medicine. The described consequences of a treatment are based exclusively on my personal experience. Scientific evidence of the effects according to the recognized rules and principles of scientific research is not available. The course of treatment always depends on the patient’s individual factors. A concrete effect can therefore not be guaranteed.